He spoke to the boy with asperity.


Mrs Tremaine, wrought up, could resist an unusual asperity.


"I didn't enquire," answered the doctor with some asperity.


Even the compliment did not soften the asperity of the maimed beauty.


We enclose for realization draft asper the list at foot.


If such additives are used then the chemical activity may not be restricted to the asperity contacts.


At such contacts the scale can slide up the asperity, so that the retched mechanism is not operative.


Mrs. Bolton with considerable asperity said that she had a headache, and would much rather go home.


PSII method could offer good adhesion to DLCs, but it caused the surface morphology to become asperity.


Using this expression, the asperity contact in a metal-film-metal configuration is studied.


We confirm cabled estranged asper copies(cable confirmation) herewith attached.


B/L showing costs addtional to freight charge asper art no.11 not acceptadle.


Because of the discommodious traffic and the asperity of environment , few research on architecture had been taken.


At present, goggles myopic lens into the surface of the mirror and asperity absolutely flat mirror the two major types.


While the asperity not clean, will result in business card printing and membership card making dot not tidy.


Metal pairs are adhesive together due to asperity peaks penetrating the liquid film.


When considering external asperity, friction coefficient decreases with increase of follow deformat and normal force.


High temperatures induced by local asperity contact, activate these additives promoting mild wear at the points of contact.


In the paper, the main nutrition of Dipsacus asper wall in different growing stages was analyzed.


He looked at the side of the half, the asperity Meifengweiao eyes, straight nose, and that the "character" of the mouth.Ai Ai!


Bennet, who assured him with some asperity that they were very well able to keep a good cook, and that her daughters had nothing to do in the kitchen.


The mechanism of dipsacus asper"s antiaging action was detected with th e model of dementia.


The segments with and without asperity of the fault follow the same type of constitutive law, but have different peak stresses.


With the increase of wear depth and surface asperity, the electro-magnetic parameters of audio heads change badly until the heads are failed.


The influences of smooth surface and asperity wear with different height and slope on the lubrication properties are considered.


The for -- the opportunity, the liberties, asperity in prosperity and common aspirations be shared we share with the rest of the world.


In such condition, the analytical results for a specific asperity length-scale can only suit the situation of a certain narrow range of load.


Although lubricating fluid is present, conditions of operation do not permit complete surface separation and some asperity contact will occur.


The lubrication of cylinder-piston pair was simulated with an average Reynolds equation considering the second-vibration of the piston and the asperity contact of rough surface.


Most instrument ball bearing applications introduce a lubricating fluid to the contacts with the ideal goal of achieving complete surface asperity separation.


This article describes that renovate the shell of the centrifugal pump by manual arc welding asper crack extent and material of the shell.


Yang Ping,Cui Jinlei,Yang Peiran.Numerical Analysis of the Transient Micro-EHL of Line Contact with a Single Asperity on a Surface[J].Lubrication Engineering,2004(6):18-21.


The major preys of the spiders in rape fields were Ceuthorrhynchus asper Roelofs,Phytomyza horticola Gowreau,Psylliodes punctifron and Rhopalosiphun pseudobra...


Such as the mean radius of asperity peaks,the mean asperity distance,the density of asperities and the standard deviation of asperity height.


Sonchus asper Vill.


Dipsacus asper Wall.

[医] 川续断

Sonchus asper (L.) Hill.


It is believed that the exposure of highly reactive surfaces during the wear process along with the high temperatures at asperity contacts act to "polymerize" the fluid, forming a viscous sludge, which inhibits bearing rotation.


Practical application of EHD theory involves the choice of Lubricating fluid properties( for example: viscosity at operating temperatures) and bearing internal design features consistent with the achievement of nearly complete asperity separation.


The influence of a transversely oriented asperity on the distribution of the pressure, film thickness and temperature in the contact region of thermal EHL was numerically investigated.


The pressure distributions on the entire computation domain are obtained through solving a unified Reynolds equation system without identifying hydrodynamic or asperity contact regions.

压力采用统一Reynolds方程系统求解, 而弹性变形、温升以及热流分配系数则采用快速傅立叶变换(FFT)技术求解。

Rodents have evolved a series of physiological, morphological, and behavioral characteristics to adapt the asperity of desert environment, and their excavating and feeding activities also deeply affect the environment of desert ecosystem.


Numerical results revealed that drastic increasing in pressure and temperature occured associating the asperity, and the dimple phenomena on the solid surface became more complicated.


In the arts, the Guangdong embroidery is heavy composition lively, eye-catching color PhotoREt, Shi-pin simple, Spiraea coarse and loose, vary the length of pin, needle overlap pattern asperity.


In consideration of coupling wear of profile and asperity, the minimum film thi ckness increases in a certain worn height.Therefore, the wear of asperity is be neficial to lubrication in this region.


the asperity of northern winters.


mean asperity height of fracture face


Keywords surface topography;steel sheet asperity;


"I did not enquire," answered the doctor with some asperity


"How strange," continued the king, with some asperity;