We should stop using beryllium whenever possible.


However the toxic properties of beryllium limit its application.


Once inhaled, beryllium is like a time bomb in the body.


Parts in contact with liquid in pipe are of brass and beryllium copper.


Fortunately, not everyone's immune system will overreact to beryllium.


The erosion of a divertor target of beryllium in a fusion reactor is discussed.


A natural beryllium silicate, Be2SiO4, occurring as vitreous crystals sometimes used as gems.


Toxicity problem in manufacturing and storage might be alleviated by coating beryllium with aluminum.


Cadmium and cadmium oxide in thick film pastes used on beryllium oxide substrates.


A natural beryllium silicate,Be2SiO4,occurring as vitreous crystals sometimes used as gems.


The alloy constitution,property and application in automotive industry of beryllium copper are introduced.


Amorphous beryllium hydride,as ablator,can increase conversion from laser to X-rays.


The effects of preheating on temperature and stress fields of beryllium ring during laser brazing process were studied.


He had never expected that working around "a little beryllium" would someday destroy his lungs.


But ignorance and misinformation about the health hazards of beryllium die hard.


Examples where lower limit values have recently been proposed include wood dust, respirable silica, and beryllium.


Microgram for microgram, beryllium is one of the most toxic elements on the periodic table.


Uses: Alloyed with copper, aluminum, or nickel, beryllium imparts excellent electrical and thermal conductivities.


We have well-validated blood and lung tests for diagnosing chronic beryllium disease with great accuracy.


Beryllium has been widely used in aeronautics and astronautics, electron industry and national defense industry.


The review ofour work includes: ion implanted contact, ion beam sputtering diposition hardfilm on beryllium and lubricate film on steel and so on.


Nonmetallic mineral resources and rocks such as beryllium, mica, lithium, clays, pumice, and scoria also occur in arid regions.


The acute symptoms of contact of beryllium with the mucous membrane of the eye and upper respiratory tract include itch, and rhinorrhea.


Because of the rather large penetrate depth of X-rays into beryllium, that effect on X-ray stress constant measurement must...


Parts in contact with liquid in pipe are of brass and beryllium copper. Flow switch installs in tee in horizontal or vertical piping.


The castability of two kinds of titanium containing NCT1 and titanium free(NC1)nickle based ceramometal alloys without beryllium was investigated.


Beryllium fluoride borate,Be_2(BO_3)F belonging to space group C2 is built up with BO_3 planar triangle group and BeO_3F tetrahedral group.

氟硼酸铍(Be2(BO3)F,简写为BBF),属单斜晶系,空间群为C2。 该化合物含有BO3平面三角形基团。

There are such defects as furnace oxidation,beading,brittle fracture,distortion,unstable properties and so forth on commonly aged beryllium bronze.


The effect of aging treatment on residual resistance ration of pure beryllium was studied by the use of electric potential approach.


Isotopes of aluminum, beryllium, carbon(carbon-14), chlorine, iodine and neon, are also formed through cosmic ray spallation.


On the basis of analysis of solid rotor distortion in ESG, beryllium can be recognized as the best material for the rotor of ESG.


Abstract: The effect of aging treatment on residual resistance ration of pure beryllium was studied by the use of electric potential approach.

摘 要: 运用电位方法测量纯金属铍剩余电阻比,研究了时效处理制度对金属铍的剩余电阻比的影响。

This kind of alloy can be used as substitute for beryllium bronze to produce explosion-preventive alloy and electric equipment elements.


Workers who breathed beryllium dust even for a few days carry a lifelong risk of developing sensitization to the metal and disease.


These are X-ray camera units comprised of an X-ray image intensifier and a CCD camera. The X-ray input window is made of aluminum or beryllium.


The supplied paddle is made of beryllium copper and superior to stainless steel in the area of flex memory, tensile strength and corrosion resistance.


Conclusion The gilding treatment can decrease the quantity of beryllium ion which released from Ti porcelain crown, and improve the biocompatibility.


Through analyzing the characteristic of the hollow rotor in ESG, it concludes that beryllium is the only material that can be used as the material of the hollow rotor.


Beryllium element occurs in sericitization-kaolinization syenogranite as bertrandite single ore, and distributes in sericite as seperated type occurrence.


The new method has been applied to the direct determination of beryllium in geological samples of beryl, hsianghualite (raw ore) etc. with satisfactory results.


Abstract: Burn-out of a microwave power device due to the poor bonding between beryllium oxide and base metal sink was investigated using Sound Seanning technique.


The concentration of cosmogenic nuclides, such as beryllium 10 and aluminum 26, in surface samples is proportional to the elapsed time since exposure.My M.I.


After adding 0.3% beryllium, the oxidation resistance of the liquid magnesium alloy Mg 9Al 0.5Zn was enhanced greatly and it even can be melted exposing to air.

在Mg 9Al 0 .5Zn合金中添加 0 .3%铍 ,镁合金液抗氧化性能得到极大提高 ,可以直接暴露在大气中熔炼。

Extended view of Usher beryllium tweeter More than any other audio component, the loudspeaker comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, radiation patterns, and driver technologies.


We have learned that strict control of beryllium use in the workplace can reduce health risk, but that the best choice is to select safer substitute materials.


Seventy years after the discovery that beryllium dust causes disease, the depth of this epidemic is unplumbed, probably involving more than a million exposed workers.


Beryllium is one of the strongest of the light metals.Beryllium is a material,which has good physical and mechanical properties,particularly its best nuclear properties.


Datuanliujia beryllium deposit in Rongcheng city occurs in Mesozoic syenogranite which is controlled by tension and contorted fault with the trend of NW.


Beryllium copper gaskets are expensive and require even more added expense for platings to protect from corrosion. In addition, they lack good environmental sealing options.


There is agreement in the medical research community that current Occupational Safety &Health Administration permissible exposure limits fail to protect workers from beryllium.