ace in the hole

1. 备用的应急手段(或办法); 秘藏的王牌

A good negotiator always has more than one ace in the hole.


His strength in a crisis is an ace in the hole.


within an ace of

1. 差一点

He came within an ace of death.


习惯用语an ace in the hole1.应急的法宝, 备用的有效办法2.在患难中可以依靠的朋友bate an ace1.稍稍降低要求, 让一手hold [have] the aces1.[口]手中握有王牌, 有制胜的法宝keep [have] an ace up one's sleeve1.获有最重要的情报, 手中留有王牌; 有应急的妙计not an ace1.毫无the ace of aces1.特级“王牌”飞行员; 能手中的能手the ace of trumps1.王牌; 最有力的根据within an ace of ...1.差点, 几乎, 险些儿ace in1.[美俚]惹人注目; 讨人喜欢