at first appearance

1. 初看起来

At first appearance the boy seemed very shy.

乍看之下, 这男孩似乎很腼腆。

习惯用语at first appearance1.乍看起来by all appearance(s)1.看来, 显然by appearances1.根据外表enter an appearance1.到场, 出场; 出头露面make an appearance1.到场, 出场; 出头露面for appearance'sake1.为了装点门面from all appearance(s)1.看来, 显然give the appearance of1.装出...的样子; 看起来象have (all) the appearance of1.十分象, 显然是in appearance1.表面上, 外表上keep up appearances1.装点门面, 装阔气make a good appearance1.显得一表人材make a poor appearance1.显得很不雅观make an ill appearance1.显得很不雅观an appearance1.露面; 到场; 出现; (演员)登台one's appearance1.露面; 到场; 出现; (演员)登台put in an appearance1.(出于责任或礼貌, 暂时地)到场; 出席; 露面put in one'sappearance1.(出于责任或礼貌, 暂时地)到场; 出席; 露面put on the appearance of1.装出...样子save appearances1.维持体面, 保全面子there is every appearance of1.很象to all appearance(s)1.显然,看来Appearances are deceitful.1.[谚]外表不可靠; 不可专看表面现象。Never judge from appearances.1.[谚]外表不可靠; 不可专看表面现象。特殊用法cold appearance1.表面冷斑(玻璃制品缺陷)cold-drawn appearance1.冷拔加工状态external appearance1.外观[貌, 形]multiple appearance1.[电工]复现physical appearance1.物理性质powder appearance1.粉末外形appearance of persistent cloud1.持久浑浊现象(汽油及煤油的)appearance of fracture1.断口形状[外观]