call sb.'s attention to sth.

1. 叫某人注意某事

He called my attention to some new evidence.


devote one's attention to

1. 专心于

You must devote your attention to your work.


pay attention to

1. 关心; 注意

You should pay attention to your spelling.


习惯用语attract attention1.引起注意draw attention1.引起注意be all attention1.十分注意, 全神贯注bring sth. to sb.'s attention1.使某人注意某事call sb.'s attention to sth.1.促使某人注意某事draw sb.'s attention to sth.1.促使某人注意某事invite sb.'s attention to sth.1.促使某人注意某事call to attention1.【军】喊立正catch sb.'s attention1.引起某人的注意arrest sb.'s attention1.引起某人的注意challenge attention1.值得[需要]注意claim attention1.值得[需要]注意come to attention1.【军】采取立正姿式stand at attention1.【军】采取立正姿式compel attention1.不容人不注意, 使非注意不可devote one's attention to1.专心于, 对...注意direct one's attention to1.密切注视; 仔细考虑direct sb.'s attention to1.使某人密切注意[慎重考虑]engage sb.'s attention1.吸引某人注意focus one's attention on1.把注意力集中在 one's attention on1.把注意力集中在...give (one's)attention to1.注意; 关心pay attention to1.注意, 重视, 倾听pay one's attentions to1.殷勤款待某人, 向(女人)献殷勤prompt attention1.从速办理rivet one's attention on1.聚精会神地注视slip sb.'s attention1.使某人没有觉察到with attention1.留心地, 注意地特殊用法involuntary attention1.不自觉注意spontaneous attention1.自发注意voluntary attention1.有意注意