solv, solu, solut= to loosen 松开

absolution n. 赦免

ab 离去 + solut 松开 + ion 表名词 → 松绑并让离去 → 赦免

absolve v. 免罪

ab 加强 + solv 松开 + e → 完全松开 → 免罪

dissolute adj. 放荡的;荒淫的

dis 加强 + solut 松开 + e → 放松不管 → 放荡的

dissolution n. 分解

dis 加强 + solut 松开 + ion 表名词 → 松开 → 分解

dissolve v. 溶解;分解

dis 加强 + solv 松开 + e → 使〔固体〕分散松开 → 溶解

resolute adj. 坚决的

re 不 + solut 松开 + e → 决不松开 → 坚决的

resolution n. 决心;溶解

re 不 + solut 松开 + ion 表名词 → 决心;溶解

resolve v. 解决(困难)

re 重新 + solve 解决 → 重新松解〔困难〕→ 解决

soluble adj. 可溶的

solu 松开 + ble〔= ible〕可…的 → 能松解的 → 可溶的

solution n. 溶解;解决

solu 松开 + tion 表名词 → 溶解;解决

solve v. 解决

solv 松开 + e →〔乱麻〕松开 → 解决

solvable adj. 可以解决的

solv 松开 + able 可…的 →〔乱麻〕松开 → 可以解决的

solvent adj. 有溶解力的;有还债能力的

solv 松开 + ent 能分解固体的;能松解〔债主压力〕的 → 有溶解力的;有还债能力的

solvency n. 溶解力;还债能力

solv 松开 + ency 表行为 → 溶解力;还债能力



The tidal current waves the stimulation unceasing demand, did not know its number the life suffers the destiny which skins, the dissolute slaughter already let some species exterminate.


This paper introduces his demented career, on the basis of which is satirical poems, dissolute poems and self-praise poems, and discusses the artistic achievements in his poems.


He led a dissolute, depraved life, squandering money wherever he went. '


Personage distinguished of character___the Emperor of absurd and dissolute urchin, with dissolute gifted scholar of painter, and all distinguished to world!


He led a dissolute life after he made a lot of money in business.


Intemperate in the pursuit of pleasure; dissolute.