arch= ruler 统治者

anarchic adj. 无政府主义的

an 无 + arch 统治者 + ic …的 → 无统治者的 → 无政府主义的

anarchism n. 无政府主义

an 无 + arch 统治者 + ism 表主义 → 无政府主义

matriarch n. 女家长

matri 母亲 + arch 统治者 → 女家长

monarch n. 君主,帝王

mon 一个 + arch 统治者 → 一个人统治 → 君主

patriarch n. 家长;族长

patri 父亲 + arch 统治者 → 父亲统治 → 族长



The current grammar teaching is in an anarchic state, that is, lack of text, class hours and quality guarantee.


And anarchic games of folk football are still played in a handful of British towns once a year.


But over time, the contradictions between anarchic opportunism and state direction, both vital to China's rise, will surely result in greater friction.


School violence is a behavour that being anarchic and destructive to school's stability and studying circumstance.


Talladega Nights is a more refined version of the kind of anarchic, semi-improvised comedy that we saw in Anchorman, with the added bonus of being a dead-on pastiche of the Hollywood biopic genre.


The SCUM Manifesto ( Society for Cutting Up Men Manifesto) is a misandrous tract written in1968 by Valerie Solanas which advocated a violent anarchic revolution to create an all-female society.